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Bayshore Art Walk

Welcome to the Bayshore Art Walk!

The reimagined Bayshore features a vibrant display of original artwork by some of Milwaukee’s most talented artists. The Art Walk takes you throughout Bayshore and showcases a variety of murals and a can’t-miss augmented reality experience.

Use the detailed map below as your guide for this distinctive foray into local art and capture your experience with a selfie or photo. Tag us at @thebayshorelife, and discover each artists’ Instagram handles on their artwork and in the “About” section below.

Enjoy the imaginative experience of Bayshore's Art Walk!

art walk map
art walk mural references

About each mural location:

1. Bigshot Robot (@bigshotrobot) – Total Wine

David Mark Zimmerman’s vibrant and inspiring mural tells the story of the curious pioneer within us all, navigating through this incredible journey called life.

2. CERA (@cera_streetart) – Total Wine

CERA’s beautiful landscape merges fantasy and reality as it captures the beauty of discovering Bayshore.

3. Kristina Rolander (@kristinarolander) – Old Navy

Kristina Rolander’s engaging, photo-friendly mural reminds you that, while life may have its glitches, your journey can still be full of color, playfulness, movement, and beauty.

4. CERA (@cera_streetart) – U.S. Bank


5. Christina Persika (@persikadesignco) – Bus Stop

Paying homage to harmonious Mother Nature, local artist Christina Persika imagines a lively piece dancing with terrazzo-like patterns, color-blocking, and butterflies.

6. Christina Persika (@persikadesignco) – Cheesecake Factory

Christina Persika’s abstract work is a nod to legendary painter Vincent Van Gogh. Admiring this magnificent view is akin to frolicking through a whimsical hillside.

7. Kristina Rolander (@kristinarolander) – Orvis Garage Entrance

Kristina Rolander’s energizing neon creation takes you on a visually psychedelic ride through a place you’d least expect.

8. CERA (@cera_streetart) – Bayshore Apartments Lightwell

While designing this piece for the lightwell (above the floating halo), CERA thought about creating a weightless composition among the heavy concrete structure. A two-dimensional image of water and cloud-like shapes flows around the weightless light and brutal wall structure. The color selection is a loose response to the two Shane Walsh paintings below and Kristina Rolander’s neon waves that crash throughout the Blue Garage.

9. Shane Walsh (@shanewalshpaintings) – Bayshore Place Apartments

Blending collage, photography, and digital technology, Shane Walsh’s works are distinct. At Bayshore, he merges an abstract painting with visual language from 1990s subcultures.

*Download the Artivive App on your phone to view this mural as a mind-blowing, interactive augmented reality experience.

10. John Kowalczyk (@johnkowalczyk) & Fred Kaems (@fred_the_artist) – Parking Meter Art

Revered local artists John Kowalczyk and Fred Kaems transform monotonous parking meters into fantastical creatures, Picasso-inspired faces, and abstract shapes for the imagination.

11. John Kowalczyk (@johnkowalczyk) – Monster Meter Wall

Across from the Apple store, John Kowalczyk continues charming the property with his surreal signature style of myth, math, and magic with the monster meter wall.

12. Anwar Floyd-Pruitt (@anwarfp) – Rotunda Guest Services

Inner Outer Space has no images, rather objects that activate the space and create portals into a colorful dimension. Textured layers of mark-making work in tandem with dynamic curves and diagonals to simultaneously create intimate moments of intrigue for the up-close viewer and a boundary-blurring optical experience from further away. Your imagination playfully takes over filling negative space between the objects to complete the entire landscape/panorama.

13. Emma Daisy (@emmadaisy) & Real Abstract (@real.abstract) – Rotunda Installation

This piece was created to flirt, entice, and draw you in from afar, reminding us that play is an important part of life—and that we should all take ourselves a little less seriously. As you get a closer look, you can experience all the layers, dimensions, and textures from different angles. The bold lines and strong shapes create moments of tension, yet feel playful, light, and celebratory. It is as if the shapes are so excited they are physically popping out of the canvas, blurring the lines of two and three-dimension and inviting the viewer into their world. Originally painted on a small scale, the design was about color, mark-making, gestural brushstrokes, and spontaneity. On a large scale, Fridays are for Fun! is meant to contrast the stark white space of the atrium with a rhythmic arrangement of vibrant colors to reflect a range of human emotions and ultimately excite the viewer with a sense of wonder—what else is possible?

14. Sid Ylagan (@sidpaints) – Target

Located outside Target, the largest Bayshore mural celebrates diversity while complementing the area’s distinctive fashion and retail offerings.

15. Brandon Minga (@brandonminga) – The Yard Sculpture

At the main entrance to The Yard, a 10' tall dancer can be found en pointe, caught in a moment of fluid motion and extension. She evokes movement, freedom, and joy. Made of bent steel, she stands firmly grounded, yet defies gravity and weight with her effortless pose. Rooted in the past, honoring the present, and reaching for the future with grace, she represents what Bayshore is and can be for the community. Created by artist Brandon Minga, Piqué truly inspires a place for music, dancing, gathering, and celebration of life.

16. Emma Daisy (@emmadaisy) – Shapes on Bayshore Dr.

Bayshore art curator Emma Daisy paints geometric shapes that playfully dance and inspire viewers along with their colorful exploration of The Yard.

17. Emma Daisy (@emmadaisy) & Real Abstract (@real.abstract) – Silver Spring Garage (East)

In a tag-team effort, Emma Daisy and Dave Watkins celebrate nature in the concrete jungle by creating a delightful bouquet of blooming native florals.

18. Sid Ylagan (@sidpaints) – Silver Spring Building

Commuter, a larger-than-life mural by local designer Sid Ylagan, highlights Bayshore’s business and residential areas.

19. Bigshot Robot (@bigshotrobot) – Tomorrow’s Yesterday Tunnel

Tomorrow’s Yesterday is a mirrored mural celebrating yesterday and tomorrow—reminding you to remember the past while you envision an exciting new future.

20. Emma Daisy (@emmadaisy) – Trader Joe’s

One of Bayshore’s most iconic corners gets a facelift of vibrant, cascading foliage. Visible from the interstate, this towering piece brings awe to anyone passing by.

21. Emma Daisy (@emmadaisy) & Real Abstract (@real.abstract) – Silver Spring Garage (West)

Located by Trader Joe’s, Emma Daisy and Dave Watkins continue their uplifting collaboration to brighten the west-facing parking garage with blossoming swamp rose and phlox.

22. Anwar Floyd-Pruitt (@anwarfp) & Real Abstract (@real.abstract) – Wall of Faces

Fine artists Anwar Floyd-Pruitt and Dave Watkins collaborate on a brilliant mural continuum to show how community and connectivity are core pillars of the reimagined Bayshore.

23. Bigshot Robot (@bigshotrobot) – Northshore Passthrough

Inspired by the lakefront and Milwaukee Art Museum architecture, David Mark Zimmerman takes the viewer through an immersive and serene passageway connecting the parking garage to the main square.

24. Fred Kaems (@fred_the_artist) – Submarine Meter Wall

A talented muralist, Fred Kaems transforms what was once just a wall of utility meters into an immersive underwater submarine ship to explore the freshwater fish of Lake Michigan.

25. Kristina Rolander (@kristinarolander) – Northshore Garage Entrance

Once overlooked, a parking garage now becomes a whimsical universe offering a dash of inspirational joy, an Instagrammable moment, and an opportunity for connection.

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