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Stretch Zone

Contact (414) 312-7027
385 W. Eastshore Drive Glendale, WI 53217

We aren’t simply in the stretch business…we’re changing lives! At Stretch Zone, we’re passionate about helping people. Assisted stretching is different than yoga, massage or self-stretching.

Our Stretch Zone certified practitioners offer a comfortable, effective experience that boosts energy, enhances mental clarity and makes you feel fantastic!

At our studios, you receive personalized attention and an experience tailored to your wants and needs. Our sessions let you control all aspects of the visit, yet our approach allows for more effective stretching than you can achieve on your own.

Ready to improve your golf swing, lessen back pain, reduce work-week tension and more? Let us show you the power of Stretch Zone!


Different from stretching at home, assisted stretching is a personalized routine performed by trained practitioners. Using our patented strap system and proprietary tables to position, stabilize and isolate muscles, our certified staff delivers a life-changing stretch experience.

Some muscles cannot be effectively stretched through self-led routines. You may unintentionally seek an ‘easy stretch’ yielding poor results, and improper positioning can cause damage. Assisted stretch lets us control stretch intensity and cadence for optimal results. Simply put, we stabilize your body and work with your reflexes for a truly beneficial stretch…all while you control the session by communicating your comfort level with our staff.


Seeking a better lifestyle? Assisted stretching is for you! Assisted stretching works with – not against – your body to increase range of motion.

We all know that stretching is crucial for muscle and joint health. At Stretch Zone, we make feeling better simple. Our gentle, controlled stretching is soothing and relaxing, not stressful or damaging. And our proprietary stretching methods empower you to take on every busy day, every intense workout and every weekend full of fun.

It’s simple….at Stretch Zone, we do all the work…you simply relax and enjoy the benefits!


Did you know after a certain age, your body isn’t able to move the same way it could when you were younger? Whether you’re dealing with muscle stiffness, seeking to improve sports performance or wanting to take better care of yourself, we can help. Traditional stretching attempts to make you more “elastic,” but we’ve pioneered a new way to help you truly increase active range of motion.

Stretch Back the Years® and move more efficiently and effortlessly with assisted stretching... it improves quality of life, mobility, and overall state of mind!

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